Yemisi is a 41 year old first-time mom. She noticed a tiny lump in her breast in the last trimester of pregnancy and was worried what it might be. She shared with her doctors and it was advised that she delivered the baby and then seek medical help for the breast issue. She delivered safely. Her beautiful daughter Adrielle is 14 months old – a gift she had waited for over 7 years and then conceived naturally (while considering IVF)! Further tests and biopsy conducted confirmed lumps in the right breast. She was diagnosed with Stage IV Breast Cancer or Invasive Ductal Carcinoma (IDC) – a cancer that originates from the milk duct and spreads to surrounding breast tissues. She commenced ‘aggressive chemotherapy treatment’ in May 2015 and has been responding positively to treatment to date.

Cancer diagnosis is tough on the patient and their families because of the treatment regime, stigma that sometimes comes with it and its toll on all aspects of life, for example, career, financial, emotional, spiritual… etc. Yemisi is an experienced Management and Enterprise Development Consultant, International Development Expert, Trainer, Non-profit Administrator, Facilitator, Gender Specialist and Youth Counselor. She feels cancer changes the dynamics of family life and one’s career but has stayed strong despite these challenges.

Doing self breast examination helped her in detecting the lump so Yemisi has committed to sharing her experience to educate other women on the importance of doing routine Self Breast Examination and seeking further medical assistance (Clinical Breast Examination and (or) Mammogram) should they observe anything strange.

She is an Incurable Optimist, Fighter and Survivor!
Update: Yemisi passed away in August 2016. May her soul rest in peace.